AlwaysOn has become standard as high availability solution in SQL Server. Availability groups and listeners made building high available systems much easier. But traditional availability groups require all nodes to be part of the same failover cluster. This can be challenging when dealing with two data centers with two different subnets, even two different domains. Distributed AG structure can be used in these situations as a disaster recovery solution.

You can find a good explanation about distributed availability groups on the Microsoft website;

Distributed availability group is a special type of availability group that spans two separate availability groups…

Hello everyone,

In this story, we will talk about how we are doing health checks on our SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases in Trendyol.

Health checks are so important for any kind of system. Doing periodic checks on a system can save you from many crashes and failures that can happen during busy times. For systems where you save and use your data, health checks are even more important.

In Trendyol, we have lots of applications and lots of databases. We are reviewing systems with our application teams every week. Checking them one by one with connecting, querying and writing…

Alpay Kurbaloğlu

Database Platfrom Engineer @Trendyol

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